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Hello from Australia!!

We arrived safe and sound although a little jetlagged a couple of days ago (hard to remember which day is which sometimes!!). So far been exploring Brisbane city – a river runs down the middle splitting the arty cultural Southbank from the main city shops. Last night we saw a light show on the water as part of Brisbane festival, was really impressive and at one point 3 people on bendy pillars were dancing in a waterfall of water and lights…! (Quite hard to explain..) We also wandered round the modern art gallery and Botanic gardens. Lots of greenery and animals around – lizards and iguanas just chilling on the paths!

Today we went to the Koala sanctuary (one of the things that I (Cordelia) wanted to do the most!). We BOTH held a koala and Kels loved every second of it!! The koalas were actually pretty heavy and it was like holding a baby haha, they were sooo cute. Also very funny watching them in their trees. We walked through a field of kangaroos and wallabies which was quite surreal, and also saw a couple of Joey’s in their mums’ pouches! Definitely recommend it.

Catching a flight up to Cairns tomorrow to start coming back down the East coast. Loving the weather (not so much the snoring roommates!) and the chilled vibe of the hostel we’ve been staying in. 

Love to everyone back home,

Kelsey & Cordelia xxx

Ps will upload some pics soon!! 

This time tomorrow…

We’ll be on the plane! Think that’s all we need to say for now, so will try and update the blog after our first week! Speak soon,

Kelsey & Cordelia x

17 days to go!

We are busy planning the final few parts of our 3 month trip (Aus, NZ and Thailand) and we are getting very excited now!! We will use this blog to share stories, photos and videos of our adventure (not sure yet how often we will be updating but will try our best!).

First stop is Australia..! We are leaving on September 21st at 8.40am and will land a day later at 21.40 in Brisbane. We’ve got 3 nights here then catching a flight North to Cairns to start our east coast trip! We’ll travel south along the beaches of the east coast for 4 weeks until we reach Sydney (then catching a flight to Melbourne before jetting off to New Zealand)

If anyone has any recommendations then please let us know by commenting on this blog post / through FB etc 🙂 

Kelsey and Cordelia x