Chiang Mai, Thailand

An update after a great 6 nights in Chiang Mai (CM):

As soon as we arrived we knew we would like it! It was a lot greener and calmer than bangkok (still pretty busy but more bearable). And the old city is surrounded by a wall and a moat, with our guest house being just outside these wall. 
Finlay’s guesthouse is run by a British guy called Keith and a Thai lady called Rattri – they were an entertaining pair and made us feel very at home 🙂
After an afternoon exploring the cafes, shops and lanes of CM we spent our first full day doing mountain biking. We opted for the ‘easier’ route which meant over 20km of bumpy downhill mountain paths! It was hard work but fun and the lunch in small huts on stilts over looking the lake made it all worth it. 
The following day we explored some of CM’s temples using a walking tour in our guide book (which is like our bible!). My (kels) favourite was a temple made of teak with a striking arch entrance and peacock motif over the arch.
After some recommendations by fellow travellers we signed up to a Thai cooking class for that evening. It was amazing! In 4 hours we made 5 dishes including the CM dish Kao Soi and our own spring rolls. Best part was eating it all after wards! We also had a look round the never ending night market and picked up a few souvenirs 🙂
To be continued….

Thailand – Bangkok

So we’re in Thailand! We’ve had 3 nights in Bangkok and it’s been an experience! Our hotel was really close to Kao San road, the touristy bit – lots of bars, restaurants, street food and market stalls. So lots going on 🙂

We’d been told BKK was smelly and people were right! But we managed to get some shade and relief by going to see some temples which were amazing. One in particular had a huuuuge gold reclining Buddha! It was so interesting to see the Thai peoples demonstrations of faith too. 
Sadly Kels learned the hard way that you should wear cheap flip flops when going to temples… You have to leave them outside and Kels came back outside to find her walking sandles had been stolen!! This was pretty annoying in itself but then we were left with the dilemma of what to do as I was barefoot and a 20 min walk from our hotel! So Dee left Kels at the corner of a busy road barefooted whilst she went in search of shoes and luckily found some flip flops so all was okay! Sadly the lady laughed when Cordelia tried to haggle on the price but at least Kels could walk home! 
Other random stories – Kels being told she is ‘as tall as a man’ by a little Thai lady, the same lady accusing our map of being ‘dirty’ due to a tuk tuk driver drawing all over it the previous day. Travelling on a canal boat that stops for about 9 seconds while you clamber on – we were the only tourists on this boat! Arriving a day early at your hotel at 2am and so having to splash out on a triple room. Driving on a 5 lane motorway in a tuk tuk…
It’s been an experience already and we’re waiting for our flight north to Chiang Mai for 6 nights (elephants and temples and hopefully a bit calmer than BKK). 
Lots of love xxx