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Christchurch – bye bye NZ

So we’ve come to the end of our New Zealand trip now and finished it with a few nights in Christchurch. We were surprised to see that there is still so much work to do here since the earthquakes over 2 years ago – still many damaged buildings but lots of construction work going on too. 

The shopping area in the main city centre (Re:Start) is made from brightly coloured shipping containers. There are quite a few different ‘pop up’ art installations and areas over the city, some have been built by volunteers to add a bit of colour back to Christchurch whilst all the work is being done. 
Our hostel (The Old Countryhouse) is amazing! So clean with lovely gardens and a hot tub and sauna! The owner’s dog Max has also made an appearance which has kept Cordelia happy! 🙂
Our flight to Bangkok leaves in a few hours and we’re ready for the next and final part of our trip. We’ve had an amazing time travelling with Stray and being in such a beautiful country. We’ll miss everyone we have met but it’s time for the sun and sand of Thailand.
Lots of love xxx