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Phi Phi, Thailand

Our next stop was Krabi for one night so we could catch the ferry to Phi Phi. The weather in Krabi was cloudy and rainy, apparently the typhoon was still affecting the weather, so we were hoping the island would be sunnier. Phi Phi is as beautiful as everyone said, and thankfully the weather improved for us. There aren’t any roads on the island which made a nice change 🙂

Every night the beach comes alive with beach bars putting on a fire show – they use circus equipment like poi, devil sticks and poles which they set on fire. There was also a burning skipping rope and a burning hoop! We had a great night dancing on the beach (although Kels had 25 bites on one leg the next day!).

The following morning we went on a boat to other parts of Phi Phi. There were about 20 of us crammed on to a long boat! We had the chance to swim and snorkel but the highlight was going to the infamous Maya Bay (where The Beach was filmed). It was pretty busy as lots of tourist boats go there each day but it couldn’t take away from the beautiful blue waters and towering cliffs. (Sadly we didn’t have the iPod so won’t be able to put any photos up of this!).

Now we are on the ferry heading to Koh Lanta, our last new stop before heading to Bangkok for our flight home. Excited and sad in equal parts.

Lots of love xxxx