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Khao Sok National Park

After Koh Chang we went on a very long journey to reach Khao Sok National Park – van, ferry, van, overnight train, taxi! The train was definitely an experience, we each had our own little bunk with a curtain to pull across. The bottom bunk was converted from seats into a bed at night time. We slept surprisingly well despite seeing quite a few cockroaches and the awful toilets!

When we reached the national park we spent the first night in a treehouse! We had to keep all the doors and windows shut so the monkeys wouldn’t steal our belongings. Here we went on a 2 hour guided canoe trip – a lovely 18 year old lad rowed us down the river and pointed out all the birds and flowers. There were a few rapids, one larger one when we ended up floating into a bush!

Our next night in the national park was spent in a floating hut in the middle of Chieow Lan Lake (it was literally kept afloat with bamboo and empty plastic barrels). We could swim and kayak and soak up this amazing place. We were told that the water in the lake was the same water in the showers so washed our hair in the lake as all the locals were doing!