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Blue Duck and Tongariro Alpine Crossing

The last couple of days have been very adventurous ones. Firstly we stayed at Blue Duck lodge up in the mountains and opted to do the horse trek. They said it would be suitable for beginners and Kelsey hasn’t ridden a horse in 10 years and doesn’t have any experience, so we thought we would be safe. They showed the 5 of us to our horses, that actually turned out to be ex-racers, not the usual steady trek ponies you would expect… 
We rode up the side of a mountain and across the top and down the other. As the paths got steeper the horses started to speed up, until we were galloping at full speed up the cliff face. Our guide’s advice was to stand up in the stirrups and hold onto the horses mane as tight as possible.. 
The hooves of the horse in front of me (Cordelia) kicked up a huge pile of mud (and other substances…) straight into my face, eye and mouth. Not ideal when your charging up a cliff side! It was quite amusing for the rest of us though haha!! The scenery as we trekked was amazing but quite a scary experience for kels! 
Afterwards we went on a bit of a bush walk and were lucky enough to see the blue duck! A very rare species of duck native to NZ. We got driven at crazy speeds in a jeep through the muddy windy paths of the forest which was really fun. 
Yesterday we opted to do the 20km tongariro alpine crossing after leaving the blue duck lodge at 6.30am! This walk was really tough at times… Lots of steps known as the devils stair case but as you can see from the photo DEFINITELY worth it! The land scape went from red rock craters to aqua blue lakes. It was like something from another planet. It was verrrry cold at the top
(Needed 5 layers!) and achey legs now but an achievement! 
In Wellington for 3 nights before the ferry to the South Island which we’ve been told is amazing. 
Hope everyone is well and surviving the storms down south! Love to all. Kelsey and cordelia xx